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Custom Databases from Sirec

Being able to record, retrieve and analyse information is a key part of every successful business.

The leap from a few spreadsheets to an integrated data system can be a daunting prospect. We have an enviable track record of migrating our Clients smoothly through the process.

We have also assisted clients whose investment in proprietary databases hasn’t been as successful as they had hoped.

In the earliest days of our business Clients would ask us about data systems. There was rarely an off the shelf solution which could be coerced into fitting their requirements properly. And, of course, having a custom system developed would be financially ruinous!

So we worked with some of our first few Clients to build an affordable yet fully customisable and modular database system. It runs online so there is no need to have any specific in house hardware and it can be accessed from any web connection.

  • We can tailor a custom database installation to your exact requirements
  • Manage your entire business from a single integrated system
  • Financial modules provide sales, costs & overheads tracking with real-time Profit and Loss reporting – no need for additional Accounts software
  • Scalable from a one-person venture up to multi-million pound enterprise levels with zero upgrade requirement along the way!
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I have worked with the team at Sirec around delivering my IT requirements for over 10 years.


On every occasion they have been receptive and collaborative in developing systems from a cold start and through their understanding of our industry have contributed towards the ongoing development of class-leading systems that have supported me in having a reliable and competitive edge.


I continue to deploy their services regularly that include many key elements of IT functionality that are wide-ranging in scope from our operational database through to our web site and mobile engineer systems all seamlessly blended into our finance and HR function.


Each solution receives total support that includes all manner of fixed and mobile hardware together with security and technological updates.


I would have no hesitation to recommend Sirec as experts in their field.

Lawrence Green

Chairman, Masterfix GB Limited

Sirec Technologies have been our IT provider since 2005. They have been instrumental in assisting us to maintain our number one status with our client base.


The provision of a bespoke database that allows us to run our operation and commercial functions and keeps us ahead of our competition. The technical support is reliable and efficient at all times.

Brian Donnelly

Managing Director, Asset Management Support

We have been working with Sirec Technologies since September 2006 and they have provided our IT support and written and maintained a bespoke database and since then.


They have always been completely reliable and excellent often going way above the call of duty to assist us.

Nathan Francis

Managing Director, NJF Search

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