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Custom Databases from Sirec

Being able to record, retrieve and analyse information is a key part of every successful business.

The leap from a few spreadsheets to an integrated data system can be a daunting prospect. We have an enviable track record of migrating our Clients smoothly through the process.

We have also assisted clients whose investment in proprietary databases hasn’t been as successful as they had hoped.

In the earliest days of our business Clients would ask us about data systems. There was rarely an off the shelf solution which could be coerced into fitting their requirements properly. And, of course, having a custom system developed would be financially ruinous!

So we worked with some of our first few Clients to build an affordable yet fully customisable and modular database system. It runs online so there is no need to have any specific in house hardware and it can be accessed from any web connection.

  • We can tailor a custom database installation to your exact requirements
  • Manage your entire business from a single integrated system
  • Financial modules provide sales, costs & overheads tracking with real-time Profit and Loss reporting – no need for additional Accounts software
  • Scalable from a one-person venture up to multi-million pound enterprise levels with zero upgrade requirement along the way!
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